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Tuesday 3 April 2012

Paddick on the rise...

Again it's completely unscientific - but after the Mayoral hustings on LBC this morning, the Twitter poll of who voters intended to vote for showed...

Now of course, maybe we're just better at social media and got the Twitter scores up ourselves..

You don't think...do you...

Also, how come the BBC are allowed to introduce pieces on the Mayoral elections by referring to the two 'main' candidates - as happened on the news at 10.30 yesterday. Rather unbiased terminology, isn't it...


  1. But opinion polls conducted by members of the British Polling Council have shown Paddick's support between 5% and 7% this year, with the most recent saying 5%:

  2. Oh yes, I'm not claiming anything scientific about this. I'm just pointing out that there seems some anecdotal evidence that when people hear/see Brian, he seems to do rather well compared to his opponents...

  3. I fear that the polls you quote are unfortunately bias. Although I agree - if only people would hear/see Brian like they had the chance to see Nick before the last election then he would genuinely stand a chance in an election with it set up as it is. He wasn't my first choice for our candidate but he was a close second as he never fails to come across well.