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Thursday 5 April 2012

Snooping. Not letting it lie

I've added the comment below to a piece Stuart Bonar has written this morning in Lib Dem Voice. While I agree with much of Stuarts piece, I can't really go along with it's overall sentiment. 
I think the comment probably stands on its own two feet as a neat summation of where I'm at...

 The Telegraph is suggesting this morning that Nick signed up to proposals on surveillance and secret courts a month ago.
Even on Tuesday night, folk in HQ clearly saw this as a news management problem, and couldn’t apparently see that the only legislation we should be pushing is that which repeals some of these powers, not extending them. Here’s what was said.
Even now I sense a repeat of the NHS debacle all over again. A pause, consultation, a thousand amendments, and then LD MPs end up supporting a compromise.
We cannot let this lie. This goes to the heart of what we believe in as a party. The leaderships instincts on this have been, at best, complacent and at worst, illiberal.
I for one will be keeping the pressure up on this every single day.

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