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Saturday 30 June 2012

The tuition fees system. Should we really be trying to 'own' it?

There's  an interesting piece up on LDV pointing out that the latest IFS report has said that the new system of Tuition Fees is more progressive than that introduced by Labour. They've also added some 'interesting' comments from the Guardian on their original story.

But I'd add two more points

There is a perfectly valid argument that the new system is fairer than the old -  and we have singularly failed to get this point across. But I think we should be saying 'it's better than the old system but not as good as our preferred option - and still party policy - of abolition of fees altogether. This is just a halfway house'.

I know many in the party don't agree with this, but that's my view. Trying to own, or even boast about the new policy, just makes things worse.

And secondly, as I've asked before, if tuition fees work, but keep us out of government for 80 years, is that a price worth paying?

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  1. I'm in the party. I agree! So that makes two of us ...