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Friday 22 June 2012

Save Sunshine Ward in Kingston Hospital

Sunshine Ward - or to give it its more formal name, the in-patient paedriatric facilities - at Kingston Hospital has been put under threat of closure in the NHS Better Services Better Value review.

I know from personal experience the wonderful work done by the staff at Sunshine Ward. Moreover the alternative is to take children's Hospital Care to St. Georges, another wonderful hospital but some 50 minutes away by public transport - as this screen grab demonstrates.

I wouldn't want to have my sick child in hospital almost an hour away from where I live - and that's from Kingston Hospital itself. The journey from its catchment area - for example, Ham Common - is even further (well over an hour).

So please click on this link to sign the petition to save Sunshine Ward and if you would like to help Kingston Lib Dems in their campaign to keep Sunshine Ward open, details can be found on their campaign page.

Thanks all

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