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Wednesday 25 July 2012

Olympic Fever on Ham Common - photos

It's easy to be cynical about Olympic fever. But yesterday the Olympic Torch made its way down Ham Common, and literally thousands of people came out to watch it pass. and there was a huge excitement, a real buzz and a proper sense of shared experience. It was a real moment. 

Nick said this to the GB Olympic team last night as they arrived in the village - but I have to say, it applies just as much to the thousands who lined the Richmond Road yesterday and cheered the two torch bearers on. 

“The nation is gripped by Olympic fever in a way it never, ever has been. Because, when you host the Games, you don't just support your team in the normal way. Something deeper happens. Supporters, volunteers, the official Team GB – these Games belong to everyone. We are all hosting the world. Our experiences are all tied together. And, when everything is said and done, those experiences will make up a history we all share. In a way, the Team goes even wider than this room – it extends to the people out there.

Yes, the tube keeps breaking down, Yes, its very commercial. Yes the G4S debacle is ludicrous.

But I'm loving the fact that we're hosting the Olympics. 

The Torch approaches

The Torch

The Torch passes

Who's this fellow?

On our way home

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