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Monday, 5 November 2012

I'm calling it for Obama.But what do you think?

Thanks to Harry Matthews  (@hmatthews92 ) who pointed me in this great interactive website from the Beeb - where you can predict the result of every state in the US election and thus your own prediction for the result of the electoral college.

Here's mine, ascertained by a certain amount of reading up, a certain amount of polling by state, and a certain amount of wanting it to be close so it's worth staying up - but still seeing an Obama win ;-)

So gentle readers - am I right or am I right?


Now found The Guardian Balloon game version of the same - which is even more fun!


  1. Look at www.fivethirtyeight.com. It is a lot easier.

    Chris Lowe

  2. a) that would be cheating
    b) that would be no fun
    c) that wouldn't make it close so i'd probably not stay up ;-)

  3. I've got what you've got plus Colorado and Virginia for Obama.

  4. apparently both now within 1% on polling - so I thought it more fun to given to Romney.