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Friday, 11 January 2013

Behold the eye of Sauron. Or as you know him, Alistair Carmichael

I did a short blog post the other day on our Chief Whip's admonishment of Stephen Tall over his, ahem, a less than satisfactory map of Alistair's constituency...

(For those who missed it - here's a quick reminder; click to enlarge)

Well, the excellent Caron Lindsay was kind enough to post my piece on Facebook, where it elucidated a few comments about Alistair's fearsome reputation. And guess what happened next (again, click to enlarge...)

I blogged last year about our glorious President's ability to never miss a trick, speculating that perhaps there were in fact several Tim Farron Prometheus like robots running around.

But now I'm coming to the conclusion that none of our MPs ever sleep and possess the all seeing eye. It's the only logical explanation...

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