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Wednesday 9 January 2013

Blimey; so that's how you become Chief Whip

I don't suppose you become Chief Whip of the Lib Dems by pussyfooting around.

When Stephen Tall wrote this piece in Lib Dem Voice about our electoral prospects in 2015, he illustrated it with a map showing the Chief Whip's constituency thusly...

Yes, that's it, top right....

And Alistair was not happy. so look what's in the comments feed on the piece...

(click to enlarge)


Mind you, he's probably a bit cross about the mini rebellion yesterday....


He's still doing it. HE IS EVERYWHERE


  1. Our latest Chief Whip, named Carmichael
    (that's right, not that bloke with the cycle),
    took one look at a map
    and declared it was crap ...

    any ideas for a 5th line anybody?

  2. Those islands are diverse and not spherical