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Monday, 14 January 2013

ooooooohhhhhh. I'm being petty aren't I?.....

Now look, it's this Liberal Voice of the Year business....

First off, congrats to Sam Bowman. He won fair and square by a country mile and that's fair enough.

Neither do I have any truck with this stuff about 'it's a fix, it's the result of a twitter campaign'. There's nothing in the rules (to my knowledge) about campaigning - and after all I posted a blog post and tweeted in support of my own nominee.

Neither am I trying to say Sam shouldn't be delighted to have won, and having won he can say what he likes about that victory. I wouldn't for a moment try and stop him.

But, couldn't he be just a tad more gracious than this...

You can of course tell me I'm being oversensitive, I probably am....


Fair enough, Sam has tweeted this to me pretty much straight off in reply:

Happy to accept that he was joking and that I am indeed being oversensitive.

And Sam's comment is probably made to look worse by the comment below it, which he clearly couldn't do anything about.


  1. Clearly the author of this article needs to learn humour. The winner didn't even vote for himself.

  2. Errm... he was clearly being sarcastic? Him saying someone else should have won over him seems quite humble...