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Sunday 3 March 2013

Dear Lib Dem MPs; you remember all those activists who helped win Eastleigh...

Caron Lindsay has written a fantastic blogpost posing the question..... 

Will we still like Mike after Monday's secret courts vote? #no2secretcourts

which is a tough one for Mike Thornton to answer. In a nutshell, Caron says...

"The activists from all over the country who poured into Eastleigh or spent hours on phone banks at home will really, really love him, though, if he does what Conference asked and voted to get rid of unfair and illiberal secret courts.Let's get to filling his inbox. Don't write loads - we don't want to overwhelm him - but do write. His first vote could be his most important"

Now, Mike is no doubt pondering this and cursing his luck that day one on the new job has bowled this particular googly at him.

But I'd like to widen the question to all our MPs. Yes we know Julian H and Mike C have done a stalwart job in trying to water down this bill - and voted against part 2 of the bill in committee. But it's still there, and after all the heat and noise, its suddenly become our (much better but still awful) bill. As I said the other day, it's the NHS bill, all over again.

Now, the estimable Jo Shaw has made an excellent case why we should firmly turn our faces away from this bill (her latest pieces, over at Lib Dem Voice and an even better piece over on the campaign website are must reads). 

So come on Lib Dem MPs. The grass roots did you proud in Eastleigh. Monday afternoon gives you a great chance to repay the favour.

Say NO to secret courts.


Just saw this tweet. Says it all


  1. Can he vote before he makes his maiden speech? I know he can't table PQs.

    1. I believe so, as long as he has been sworn in - though others may want to correct me?

  2. And what about the NHS s.75???