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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Pretty sure this man's odds on being the Lib Dem Shadow Chancellor for the next General election just shot down?

So, the big surprise in the budget was the wholesale re engineering of the savings landscape, with what Osborne called the biggest shake up in pensions since the 1920s bang in the middle.

And one person had their fingerprints all over those pension changes.

And they're a Lib Dem.

The shadow chancellor in 2015 might not be Danny or Vince.

Steve Webb. It could be you


  1. Interesting though. I have a very high opinion of Steve and urged him (well asked him on Cix!) to stand for leader at past elections.

    But I am conscious that his only role as ever really been around pensions - an area where he is phenomenally well informed and more knowledgeable than any other MP, journalist and possibly Civil Servant.

    How he would perform in an area where he wasn't is something which is a bit untested. And as we saw with Ming, excellence in one policy area doesn't necessarily apply to all.

  2. Don't forget - Steve we asked to propose the economy debate at Autumn conference. seemed off his brief at the time but... I suspect he's being lined up...