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Saturday 15 March 2014

The Lib Dem Shadow Cabinet as of March 2015

While there was brief flurry of excitement last week at the who-will-be-Lib-Dem-shadow-chanellor-for-the-general-election speculation, it strike me that actually there is going to be a bit of a shift around in the not too distant future, as we will need a full 'Shadow Cabinet' going into the next election, and it's not immediately clear who will be in what post.

And it's not straightforward, especially with so many MPs retiring. Also I think you have to ignore  members of the Lords for this, as it's the GE team. So people like Susan Kramer, who would make an excellent SoS for Transport, don't feature here

So I have helpfully sorted it out for Nick, and list it below.

(Nb This is the shadow cabinet for the election campaign, not the cabinet I would like to see after the election - when hopefully a lot of new names will feature highly!)


Nick Clegg

No comment necessary

Shadow Chancellor

Vince Cable

Yes, I know. But this isn't a replacement for Danny. Neither Nick nor Danny has this role currently - and Vince was undeniably brilliant at it in opposition, which is where we will be when the election is called again. And I suspect the country still seems him as mystic Vince. Plus how can Danny attack Osborne when he has been at his side for the last 4 years? This feels like a no brainer to me.

Foreign Secretary

Danny Alexander

I want to give Lynne F a big job. And I did have her pencilled in here. But I also need Danny to have a big job. Plus, Labour's foreign affairs spokesman is also called D Alexander. So it saves the signage maker a job.

Home Secretary

Lynne Featherstone

She's be great in the role and she'll give Theresa May a run for her money. The fact that she's a woman in one of the big 4 jobs is a bonus. Harsh perhaps on Norman Baker.


Nick Harvey

Would he take it after being sacked before? I don't know. But I wish he would. He's who I would want.


David Laws

A controversial choice I agree. Not everyone's cup of tea in the party. But he is an expert on the topic, he is a Minister in the Department now, and he's a good media performer.


Norman Lamb. No debate


Alistair Carmichael


Jenny Willott

N Ireland

Lorely Burt

Work and Pensions

Steve Webb. Again, surely no debate here?

Communities and Local Government

Tim Farron. Come on. He'd be brilliant at this. And imagine a Tim vs Pickles dust up. Bring it on.


Jo Swinson. In the department, good, capable, knowledgeable

Energy and Climate Change

Ed Davey. In post, great job


Norman Baker. Again, an antidote to Grayling, a topic close to his heart, and good compensation for not getting the HO brief.


 2 jobs Swinson for this

International Development

Lynne Featherstone. Yes, I am giving her 2 jobs as well.


Dan Rogerson. Doing a grand job in the department already

Constitutional Affairs (Nick's other job)

Michael Moore. I just trust him to get it done. Still feel he was terribly hard done by to lose his cabinet post, much as I admire Alistair

So any comments?


  1. What, nothing for Christine Jardine, Layla Moran, Ibrahim Taguri, Julia Goldsworthy, and any others from what we hope will be the new intake?

  2. Its the shadow cabinet for the election campaign - not the new cabinet for after the election when I hope all those names feature highly! I'll go back and make it clear!