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Wednesday 2 April 2014

My predictions for NickvNigel Round 2

1. Nick will make hay with Farage's comments about Putin

2. Farage will make hay with Nick's time working in Brussels. Apparently he's also going to try and tie Nick in to to Gadaffi. Hmmm

3. The numbers 7% and 75% will feature again, but we will be no clearer about who is correct.

4. Nick will try to tie Farage into wanting to remain a member of the Council of Europe (a condition of which is acceptance of ECHR).

5. It will be more boisterous than last week

6. Nick will be funnier than last week

7. Farage will sweat less than last week

8. The spin room will call it for Farage until the first opinion poll comes out and ten will jump horses and say Nick won

9. We won't be much the wiser after the event

10.No one will try and tie in the recent UN report on climate change with UKIPs views on #equalmarriage


  1. 11. Everybody will wander what the fuss was all about and why the debates were even held at least three years before any possible referendum.

  2. They were both bloody awful...