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Thursday 5 May 2011

The Mid Week Collection

My 5 best reads of the Week. Warning. Some of it might make you choke on your coffee.

1. Snowdonia: A head for heights

Technically about a Welsh Mountain. In reality, a hymn to wonderful British eccentricity which explains why we all love an excuse to get the bunting out. I loved this.

2. All change. Britain is on the verge of constitutional upheaval

There's a lot more at stake at the moment than just 'Yes to AV'.

3. If you get the X-Factor, you can get AV

Not quite as good as Jo Swinson's Mars Bar analogy, but still works for me....

4. The Lib Dem problem with women.


5. AV: a crucial 'baby step' if we are to break Britain's electoral reform taboo

The best opening paragraph of anything I've read for ages. The rest is pretty good too.

Enjoy, cheers

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