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Monday, 12 September 2011

David Walliams vs. The Thames. A truly inspirational event.

Last night David Walliams hit Ham. For everyone who doesn't know, he is attempting to swim the length of The Thames for Sport Relief. A truly momentous feat, made harder by the fact that he has been ill for most of the attempt with raging temperatures, vomiting and...well, you can imagine.

We took the kids down to Teddington Lock where thousands of people were lining the bank and as you see that small flotilla edge up the river and spot the tiny figure in the middle tiredly putting arm over arm, you can't help but feel quite emotional. David got out for the nights rest at Teddington and the cheering when he emerged was deafening. It was actually very moving.

David swims from Teddington to Westminster today, arriving at Westminster Bridge at 6pm. If you're in town, go and cheer him in and stick some cash in the collection bucket. Even if you're not, why not visit the Sport Relief website and sponsor him.

He's really earned it.

Update: Sport Relief have just added a video of the finish yesterday. Fantastic stuff.

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