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Friday, 1 April 2011

EXCLUSIVE! New evidence suggests Nick Clegg is, apparently, very popular amongst Lib Dems...

We’re a quarter of the way through the year and so I thought I’d list the most popular posts on the blog this year.

And I write one post in three months – just the one – defending Nick and it gets more readers than anything else. It would seem we’re still quite keen on our glorious leader, no matter what the media in general or the comments section on Lib Dem Voice would have you believe.

Anyway, here we go…

1. Nick Clegg bashing by the press is getting ludicrous now (24 Feb)

The Tories turn the NHS on its head. The Guardian illustrates the news with a picture of Nick. For goodness sake….

2. Help me persuade Time Magazine to make a Tunisian Street vendor their Person of the Year 2011 (14 Feb)

Thank you to everyone who has visited the site, signed the petition etc – but do keep visiting.

3. I promised myself I wouldn’t do this…(4 March)

My take on the Barnsley result. No, it’s not about football

4. It’s not the unpopularity; it’s the fingers-in-the-air-la-la-la-not-listening that’s getting to me…(11 March)

We’re going to change nobodies mind until we at least get them to listen again.

5. Someone threw an egg at my house; is this a political rite of passage? (15 March)

A frisson of excitement as I open the front room curtains.

6. Armando Iannucci’s message to us feels like ‘unforgiven’. (14 March)

He asked the question. We gave him the answer he wanted. It wasn’t enough.

7. This is the Conservatives tuition fee moment (18 Feb)

Except it wasn’t. Still, you all enjoyed reading it.

8. If there’s one thing we should be angry about, it’s this. (18 March)

The disgrace of what is happening around Brian Haw.

9. It would seem the NHS debate has our MP’s between a rock and a hard place. (17 March)

A call to (very supportively) keep the pressure on….

10. Why doesn’t Google analytics go up to 10?

I thought they were a digital company…

Finally, huge thanks to Olly Grender for #ff me and my blog today. Already several new followers. No pressure there then…

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